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Cold rolling is an integral part of the modern procedure for effective metalworking. Wuxi GUANGCAI Machinery has gained prominence as a Chinese manufacturer of cold roll forming equipment, roll forming accessory equipment, roll formed products, and protection films. We offer more than a hundred variations of the roll forming machine for panels including the color stee...

  • Automobile Making

    Automobile Making

    汽车底盘纵梁、汽车蒙皮、车厢板等 Take a look
  • Road Construction

    Road Construction

    美观实用、便于运输、安装 Take a look
  • Grain Storage

    Grain Storage

    钢板仓几乎取代了任何结构的粮仓 Take a look
  • Modern Building

    Modern Building

    现代建筑的设计和发展日新月异 Take a look


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