From science fiction to reality, from virtual to physical

2018-12-13 10:47:45

The year 2014 is the beginning of the rise of intelligent robots. A seemingly science-fiction concept is moving into real life over the next 10 years as virtual and physical objects permeate all walks of life and every aspect of human life. For example, softbank released pepper, the first intelligent robot of banking entity in China, which was released and demonstrated at this event.

Service robot, intelligence is the biggest characteristic. An industrial robot is a programmable and versatile operator that sets and changes its movements in advance for different tasks. Different from industrial robots, the biggest difference between service robots is intelligence, which mainly has three characteristics, namely perception, movement and thinking. The core barrier is the ability to solve thinking and the subsequent feedback function. There are two aspects involved. The first one is to use basic technologies such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language understanding, independent cloud computing and multi-dimensional feature emotion analysis technology for effective recognition. The second one is to develop basic support and interactive platform for intelligent voice service. Therefore, domain semantic database, intelligent big data and industrial application are the key elements to form the core competitive advantage.


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